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Camden Crawl

I was at the Camden Crawl on Friday. We seen: The Black Tricks (a presumably unsigned band but really quite good.. very loud though), Lucy and the caterpillar (totally unimpressed so much so we left half way through her set), Agaskodo Teliverek (best … Continue reading

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A Couple of Photos from a Vineyard in Africa

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I had a paper published this week.. the first in ages. I suspect I should really be turning papers out at a much greater rate but hey. This is, I think, at least a good paper. In fact I’ve even … Continue reading

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It’s all getting a little bit out of control

The digital world which I’m responsible for is all becoming a little bit of a mess. I’m largely responsible for mtheory, iancumberland, fog and my own personal website which can be found on dot mac, mtheory and this blog. My personal … Continue reading

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