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Banff Film Festival

I was at the Banff film festival last night, which went on for much, much longer than I expected. Anyway it was very enjoyable, the fly fishing film Eastern Rises was really good. Follow Me, a mountain bike movie, for which I … Continue reading

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UK employment and government cuts

I rant quite often about how journalists and people just take the numbers and statistics given to them at face value. People rarely question them and very often conflicting numbers never get questioned nor does anyone inspect the detail. Even if … Continue reading

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Why do I get ads in software I’ve paid for?

An immensely annoying feature of iLife 09 and specifically iPhoto 09 is that it you don’t subscribe to MobileMe you get pop up adds for it as shown below. Why oh why oh why? This is driving me around the … Continue reading

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New Blog

Just to confuse people I’ve moved my blog to here. I’m playing around with a new blogging engine (Tumblr) that makes it easier to quickly post various things, but it is perhaps less good, than WordPress, at doing long boring detail.

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First winter walk in Scotland

Last weekend I travelled up to Glen Coe to join some members of the Lomond Mountaineering Club for my first bit of proper winter mountaineering. The weather turned out to be much better than forecast with plenty of snow on … Continue reading

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Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 Review

3.5 out of 5 for Samsung’s SyncMaster XL2370. Continue reading

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A New Year

Well it’s been very silent from me on the web site/blog front for some time now. In fact, since I began writing up my PhD I’ve not posted anything. You’ll be glad to hear that I submitted my PhD at … Continue reading

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Thesis tools

Not that anyone cares of course, but I’ve now started to write up my PhD. I spent a long time agonising over whether to use Word or LaTex. In the end the lack of decent reference management tools for Word … Continue reading

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New Hat

Well I’ve had my hat for 12 years and it has to be said, it has perhaps, seen better days. Recently it has started to develop a hole in the top of it, at the point were I tend to … Continue reading

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Camden Crawl

I was at the Camden Crawl on Friday. We seen: The Black Tricks (a presumably unsigned band but really quite good.. very loud though), Lucy and the caterpillar (totally unimpressed so much so we left half way through her set), Agaskodo Teliverek (best … Continue reading

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