Camden Crawl

I was at the Camden Crawl on Friday. We seen: The Black Tricks (a presumably unsigned band but really quite good.. very loud though), Lucy and the caterpillar (totally unimpressed so much so we left half way through her set), Agaskodo Teliverek (best described as weird looking. The vocal mix was awful so hard to say..), The Shortwave Set (who where really good and the sound was excellent), Sam Issac (can’t remember a single song), Fratellis (they didn’t seem to be that bothered.. or perhaps that was just me), and Robyn (who was probably better than the Fratellis but her songs aren’t as good).

There are several issues with the Camden Crawl though. One we had to queue for almost an hour in the cold just to get our wrist bands.. surely this can be dealt with more efficiently. That was annoying. The next thing is that the tickets are sold as day tickets, but not much happens, in fact pretty much nothing happens until 6.45 pm when the bands start to kick off. There’s a lot of venues and a lot of bands, starting at lunch time and having two sets in the day would a) allow people to see a lot more bands b) actually make it an all day long event. I’m torn as to whether I’d go again. I quite wanted to see SoKo but due to scheduling that just didn’t happen:( Oh well. 

I’m not really one for festivals so perhaps I’m just being to harsh on the Camden Crawl but I would recommend the Sundae on the Common to anyone who likes music and has kids.. or just really likes ice cream.

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