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I have the rage.

I spent a lot of yesterday entertaining my cousin Mark’s five year old daughter, Katie. We were at a big family gathering for my Granda’s 90th birthday, and she’s a sweet kid, so it wasn’t the worst way to spend the day by any means. We had a lovely day.

On the way home, my mother told me that the previous week, Katie had asked her schoolfriend if she believed in Jesus, and told her that if she didn’t, she was going to burn in Hell forever. The child, understandably traumatised, told the teacher, who then brought in Katie’s mum Jacqui.

Five year olds shouldn’t know about pain, and they shouldn’t know about torture. They should be concentrating on playing games, running around and learning to read and count. The idea of burning in a pit of flames and being mutilated by demons forever is intended to be terrifying – that’s the whole sadistic point. What kind of warped person thinks that a five year old needs that kind of terror? My pious cousin Mark and his wife, it seems.

Jacqui was apparently upset that Katie had done this. What did she expect? They polluted Katie’s innocent mind with their evangelical delusions, and I imagine that they will stand by these misguided views, despite the suffering it has caused. But this is how the religious operate. Wasn’t it said, “give me a child until he is ten, and I shall show you the man”? The only way religion can survive is by planting lies in children’s heads when they are young and impressionable, trusting and accepting what their parents tell them. The parents who love them and care for them, yet inform them of the prospect of unending pain if they ever step out of line. It is a cruel and vicious deception.

Dawkins et al refer to indoctrinating children with their parents’ religion as child abuse. Given the impact this has had on Katie and her poor little friend, I’m inclined to agree.

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