so… what’s been going on?

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There is not a great deal to report from Glasgow.

Let’s go back a month or so. Wonder of wonders, I passed my driving test – and with a mere four minor faults, confounding everyone’s expectations. I think my instructor had lessons booked in for me the following week, and my father had so little faith that he was confidently predicting to all and sundry that I would fail. Charming. Anyway, this unexpected success took the edge off a week where I sat two interviews and was offered neither job. I have had another interview since, and also been unsuccessful (second choice yet again). I am waiting to hear about another application for a job at the university; and my local coffee shop is still to get back to me on barista work.

It’s getting to me, to be honest.

In contrast, Burly is working really hard. He finally submitted his PhD at the beginning of May, but work has just taken over his life in recent weeks. There is talk of cancelled leave and weekend meetings, which doesn’t sound good. I’m worried about it, especially as I have no job to prop us up if something awful happened. But, they seem to like him and value him, bringing him out to fancy restaurants to talk lasers to important Americans, and I have to hold on to that. There is no word of his viva yet – I’m hoping that I’ve a job before we go down to London, otherwise I’m going to feel like a bit of a failure to be honest. Whilst Glasgow has twice the rate of unemployment as the rest of the UK, I still think I should be able to get a job, and that I should have got it months ago. All the feedback I’ve got from interviews has been positive, and I’m not sure what else I can do.

However, although Burly is working late, he’s not┬áspending his evenings writing up his PhD, so that’s a massive improvement. I feel like I’m in a relationship again! As evidence of this, we went to see In The Loop the other night, the first time we’ve been to the cinema together since the Batman film. It was a rare outing, which was lovely. And it was a hilarious film, although it was sometimes uncomfortable viewing and very close to the bone and the truth of how things are in Westminster Village, I think. Macho and cynical, really. But very funny – some amazing lines. It didn’t make me miss London, or working in politics. I’m hoping the university job will come up, I think it’d be a nice change but still interesting.

I am just back – I say just, I got back a few days ago – from my bridesmaid duties in Northern Ireland. Despite the rain, it was a good day and went smoothly – everyone was happy and Eliz looked amazing. So they are living happily ever after now, and it was really nice to see them so content. Weddings are not my cup of tea though, especially Northern Irish weddings where everyone seems to think they have the right – actually, no, the obligation – to voice an opinion on your own relationship. I got asked too many times when Burly was going to make an honest woman out of me, and the questions weren’t confined to me – Burly and even my parents, who would love us to get married, were grilled. My own good manners meant that I didn’t outline my many objections and tell them to fuck off for good measure: I don’t think a wedding reception is the time or the place to be decrying matrimony. That, dear reader, is because I’m sensitive to other people’s feelings and beliefs, and only use my blog as an outlet for my rage. It infuriates me that others are less tolerant, and think they have the right to dictate to others how to live their lives. ┬áThere was quite a few homophobic ‘jokes’ from someone sitting near me at the top table which wound me up as well. And this is before we even get started on the ‘God made woman from the rib of Adam’ lecture that we were subjected to during the ceremony. Argh. Another day, perhaps.

I have my writing class again tonight, and to be honest, I could just as happily not bother going. Our teacher cleared off to Cuba to do ‘research’ a couple of weeks ago, so we have a replacement for the final few classes, and she’s pretty hopeless and humourless. I wasn’t able to go to last week’s class, and I’m fully anticipating that the numbers will have dropped off tonight as well. It’s a shame, as I was really enjoying it. But, it’s only for another couple of weeks, and I want to finish this course so I can go on the next level, with a different teacher. I haven’t written anything for a while though. I tried a bit of writing when I was home, but what with fulfilling my maidenly duties and seeing my Grandfather, there wasn’t much time.

And that is about it, really. I am going to get some breakfast, then get on with another application form for next week, and try to come up with a short story.