Since the last time..

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My blogging isn’t exactly up to much, if the last thing I wrote had me pondering Southampton or Glasgow. Things have moved on, and quickly, since then. We chose Glasgow, and Burly is there now. I’m sitting in the empty shell of a flat in Camberwell, drinking the last of the Prosecco (well, I can’t carry it to Scotland, it has to be drunk!)

We visited Southampton, and it really didn’t appeal – wet and miserable, no nice restaurants, no ‘centre’ to the town, just a shopping mall and a lot of 1970s architecture. Disappointing – I’d looked at it on the map and thought the New Forest and so forth would have made it a decent place to live, but it was expensive and underwhelming. Glasgow, on the other hand, offered more money, and from a practical point of view, the job prospects and promotion opportunities for me and Burly respectively are both vastly improved in Scotland. The proximity to the Highlands is obviously also a nice plus, as is the lower cost of living. In the end, we plumped for Glasgow. I think it was the right decision.

Anyway – now what? He is there and I am here. I go up in 19 days – in less than three weeks, I’ll be there, and I cannot wait. I am treading water in work, and completing the projects and the filing that I have to do, staying a bit late to make up my hours, and hating every minute. I want to be gone. I’ve left in my head. I shall miss my friends, but I don’t think I’ll miss the bits of my job which requires me to be nice to ego-driven MPs, send pointless emails or put up with my manager.

I made the decision to stay until the Bill had definitely completed, which then happened within days of me handing in my notice, so I really feel quite cheated – especially as the result was not what I hoped. It’s quite sad to see a year of your life down the pan, but I suppose that it’s good experience. I am looking forward to a small break following the move, but I do want to start earning money as soon as I can. I’ve not really seen any decent jobs as yet, but I have hope. And an understanding boyfriend.

I have seen a writing course which I’m going to sign up for, and maybe that will get me back into the way of writing again, as well as making some friends. I want to lose some weight before Christmas, and I want to try and regain a level of fitness again. I want to find a job, to start in January, so it’s ok for me to not be working for a few weeks, and I can spend the time recovering from London and getting to know my new city. I’m pretty excited about going up there, it’s an adventure, and it feels really special as we’re going up there together (albeit in not quite the traditional sense of together, automatically). I’m really looking forward to it, I think it’ll be great. 

I really miss him – the last week or so has been hard. Moving house is stressful enough, but doing it separately isn’t much fun at all. I just want to be up there now, it’s all I can think about.