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Well, it’s a traditional thing to do at this time of year.  

  • I would like to be doing something else, jobwise, before the year (or indeed, the spring) is out. So, I resolve to bring that state of affairs into being.
  • I shall rediscover my violin, currently propped up in the corner of my living room, and behaving like an ornament rather than an instrument. I still owe Burly a tune, and before 2008 is finished, I shall sort that out.
  • I shall not be deterred by the nasty weather and the nastier drivers of London, and cycle more. I know that I enjoy it when I’m out there…
  • I shall buy no more books until I’ve read the ones I already own. And I shall purge my bookshelves of ones I have no intention of re-reading. 
  • I shall try new things.
  • There shall be some sort of healthy eating regime.
  • There shall be more ventures into the free museums and galleries that my wonderful city has to offer: a) because if the Tories get in, this munificence will end; b) because my time in London is finite and I should squeeze everything I can out of it.
  • There shall be a general resolution to be nicer to people. Not that I’m not already lovely to people, but perhaps I should try a bit harder.
  • I shall sort out an evening class – either creative writing or something else. Actually, I’m going to resolve to do more creative writing anyway, so perhaps I should branch into something else of an evening. French provincial cooking? Sports massage? Tai Chi?  There shall be an investigation.
  • I shall attempt to keep a plant alive for a year.
  • I shall stop procrastinating and get on with things. 

Well, I should probably act on that one now.