saturday – a list of updates.

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It’s been a while. It’s been a while since I blogged, and a while since I was on my own. Burly is in Northern Ireland for the weekend, and I’m having a break from work for a day or two. And not filling the time frightfully well, it has to be said.

So what have I been up to? Very little. I have escaped the workstation to seek solace in my laptop at home. I go to bed and I’m dreaming about Parliament. It has not been awfully restful. Tonight I’m going out drinking with my friend Susan, also in politics, and will be talking about work. Bah.

I’m quite torn at the moment, regarding my job. I’ve been there two years now, and it’s stopped challenging me, so I’ve been looking around for an alternative, and much more highly paid job. And now it seems that the law on abortion is likely to be changed, and there will be a battle to fight, and that’s exciting all of a sudden. It would mean another year of meagre pay and some dull work. But I could actually achieve something – which might make it easier to get a better job, as to date I’ve not achieved a great deal, one might argue. I can’t imagine getting so excited about something else. What to do?

My writing class draws to a close, and Monday is my final lesson. It’s been really nice, quite challenging, if a little tiring at the end of a long day. I’m going to take a few lessons in the summer, as one of the women in the class is keen to continue. So that is good. I’m going to keep writing and enter competitions on the side, I think. Perhaps that will supplement my income, or give me an outlet for all this wonderful, thus far undiscovered, creativity…

I’ve joined Facebook. Not sure how I feel about it – it’s quite intriguing seeing faces of people I’ve not spoken to in years. There are some people I have completely lost touch with since school, and hopefully I’ll be able to reconnect with them. We shall see. However, I’ve decided that it’s all a bit stalkerish, so I’ve set myself a facebook ban for a week. Don’t want to be getting addicted.

I watched Ricky Gervais’s Politics the other night and thought it was completely awful. Dressed up racism and various other isms as irony. Hmmm.

The flat seems very empty without Burly – normally he’d be sitting at his computer in his study, listening to music and reading an article / fixing his website / fixing someone else’s website. We don’t spend every waking minute together at the weekend, but I never feel lonely. I do now.

This week was my Granda’s 88th birthday. He’s starting to get quite forgetful – possibly depression, following my Granny’s internment in the care home; possibly the Alzheimers that most of his family have already succumbed to. It makes me very sad to think of him losing his mind and his dignity. He’s a wonderful, smart and funny man, a really good person. As long as I can remember, he’s been looking after my Granny. Perhaps her not being there to care for anymore means he’s no longer fighting off dementia. I don’t know. I just feel so sad about it all. I got him a book of poems from the Underground. He’s never been to London, and certainly won’t see it now, but he likes his poetry. I hope he enjoys it.

Burly’s visiting his grandparents this weekend, who are all poorly as well. Old age doesn’t appeal at all.

I need to contact people – in the old fashioned, send them a postcard way, not an electronic hug as the 21st century kidz seem to be doing it. Molly’s engaged. Meghan’s just bought a house. Aisling’s married. My motivation is lower than it should be – I need to send them something soon.

The rain has stopped and the sun is out. Maybe I should get out of the house.