Configuring your email on iOS 7

These instructions are intended to help you configure your email on iOS which is the operating system used by Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. The screen grabs are taken from iOS 7 on an iPad, however the method and screens look very similar on an iPhone or iPod. The first section deals with how to configure your email from scratch. The second section deals with how to configure Mail to use special folders such as the Sent folder on the server.

Configuring Mail for the first time

iOS 7 mail splash screen

If you have never configured an email account on your iOS device you will be greeted by a splash screen, as shown above, asking you to configure your device when you launch the Mail application for the first time (the blue icon with a white envelope). Your mtheory mail account is clearly none of the ones listed by default. To configure your mail client for mtheory touch the bottom button OtheriOS 7 Mail new account You’ll now be presented with four fields to configure a New Account. Under Name enter your name, under Email enter your email address which is usually your first name followed by Next is your password and finally there is a Description. You can leave this as Touch Next on the top right. Mail will now try to auto-configure your email account. Unfortunately our mail servers don’t support this feature so you will be presented with a second screen asking for some more details as shown below.iOS 7 mail account settingsThe IMAP box should be highlighted blue. You will see that you now need to fill in some additional fields. Under INCOMING MAIL SERVER for the field Host Name enter Under Username enter your email address and under Password your password for your mtheory email. Similarly under OUTGOING MAIL SERVER for the field Host Name enter Under Username enter your email address and under Password your password for your mtheory email. The fields should look something like that shown below. Now touch Next on the top right.iOS 7 Mail account settings complete You will now be presented with one last screen giving you the option of whether you want to use this account for email or notes or both. Makes sure both sliders are on the right hand side as shown below. Then touch Save on the top right.iOS7 Mail final config Mail should now connect to the mtheory email server and download all of your emails displaying them in the application similar to that shown below. Your email will now work though you should configure Mail to use some special server side folders. For information on that see the instructions below.iOS 7 Mail App

Configuring server side folders

Your email users a service called IMAP which stores your email on the server on the internet. This enables you to access your email from multiple devices and for all of those devices to see your email. For certain mail folders: Drafts, Sent, Deleted and Archive iOS defaults to storing these on your iOS device. To store messages that move into these folders on the server you need to tell iOS which folders to use on the server. You can do this by going to Settings (a grey icon with what looks like two cogs inside each other) and selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars. You should see a screen similar to that shown below.iOS 7 settingsAt the top of the pane you should see a list of email accounts under ACCOUNTS. Under that list you should see your mtheory account. If you configured your account as above this will be called Touch this to select the account. You will see a screen similar to the one below.iOS settings mail Here you have the option to disable your Mail or Notes. You can also delete your mtheory email account by touching Delete Account. We want to configure the account further to do this touch the top box labeled Account. This will bring up a screen similar to that shown below with all of the details related to the settings for your mtheory email account.iOS settings mail details Touch the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be presented with the following screen.iOS Mail advanced We want to configure the options under MAILBOX BEHAVIOURS. First touch on Drafts Mailbox. You will be presented with a new screen as shown below.iOS Mailbox behaviours At the minute your drafts are probably being saved on your iOS device as indicated by the blue tick by Drafts under ON MY IPAD. Change this to the Drafts folder under ON THE SERVER by touching it. The blue tick should now move. Touch Advanced on the top left to return to the previous screen. Note the screen will have changed slightly as shown below to indicate the Drafts Mailbox is now the Drafts folder on the server.iOS Mailbox behaviours configured Repeat these steps for the Sent MailboxDeleted Mailbox and Archive Mailbox. You will find that these folders are called Sent, Deleted items or Trash and old messages on the server. If they don’t exist you should create them. Once configured touch Account on the top left. This will take you back to the Account screen. Now touch Done on the top right. All the changes will have been saved and your email account should now be fully configured.