This page aims to provide basic information on various services available to those who use mtheory for their primary email and web serving needs. Hopefully this page will make you aware of everything that is available to you, so you can get more from the web with a view to making life easier. It should provide a handy reference for address and details that you may have otherwise forgot as well as providing links to login screens.

How to configure your email

As pretty much everyone who uses mtheory is now a Mac user, platform specific instructions are limited to Mac OS and iOS and to the main applications bundled on those platforms. The generic information under email server addresses should provide all the information needed to configure your email on another platform or in another application.

Accessing your webspace

Everyone on mtheory has access to space on the web where they can create their own website or simply store files on the internet for sharing between computers. Access used to be on my default for everyone, however as many users never accessed their webspace it has been disabled for those users to improve security. Should you want access to your webspace again please get in touch with the administrator.

  • Server addresses
  • FTP versus webdav
  • Storing files on the cloud
  • Creating a website
  • Web based file access
  • Sharing calendars via iCal on OS X

Other web services – blogs, version control, CMS, rss feed readers etc

This is basically a grab bag of other things that are available which you may want to make use of.