As mentioned on the home page, is largely a micro-ISP. Most of the inhabitants use mtheory solely for email however some do have websites. For those who are curious here are some links.

Burly Cumberland

Designs lasers for a living and climbs for entertainment.

  • Tumblr blog – TheTipping Point is a collection of links photos and music. Essentially stuff that you put in your blog.
  • WordPress blog – Also called The Tipping Point and definitely less frequently updated it has some longer articles which don’t fit so well on Tumblr.
  • PhD Thesis – Wavelength Extension in Speciality Fibres which essentially covers: CW supercontinuum generation in PCF fibres; IR fibre Raman lasers in Ge doped fibre; and Bismuth doped fibre lasers. A riveting bedtime read accompanied by some pretty animations.

Rachel Stewart

Influences government policy for non-governmental organisations. Amazing, need I say more.

David Parkinson

Trying to work out the origins of the universe, a tricky task for anyone.

Ian Cumberland

World renowned artist.

  • His profesional website including a gallery of his work.