Changing your email password


To change your email password you need to login to the mailbox manager web service. You can access the mailbox manager web interface at or securely at If you plan to change your password we strongly recommend that you login securely.

Note if you login securely you will get a warning that “the identity of this website has not been verified,” or “server’s certificate does not match the URL,” or “server’s certificate is not trusted,” in your web browser. This is because the mailbox configuration service is hosted by our ISP, Dreamhost, and the certificate is issued by them rather than us. Your browser will normally let you view the certificate. If you click on this your browser will give you the option to always trust this certificate or install this certificate. Either of these should resolve this problem for you.

Once you login you will see a screen the top of which is shown below. You can configure quite a lot of things from the mailbox manager interface. Many of these features are pretty self-explanatory but more details can be found in this post.

Change password screen shot

To change your password you simply need to enter your new password twice under the Change Your Password heading shown above and then click on the button Change it! You will now need to use your new password when accessing your webmail, the mailbox manager and with any email clients you use to access your email.

Advice on creating a strong password you can remember

There are many ways to create a long, complex password. Here are some suggestions that might help you remember it easily:

What to do Example
Start with a sentence or two. I love complex passwords.
Remove the spaces between the words in the sentence. Ilovecomplexpasswords.
Turn words into shorthand or intentionally misspell a word. IloveComplekp@sswords.
Add length with numbers. Put numbers that are meaningful to you after the sentence. IloveComplekp@sswords2012.

You can check the strength of your password using online tools such as this password strength assessor provided by Microsoft. The stronger your password the better.

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